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The Features and Benefits of White EPDM

Reflective • Efficient Installation • Proven Performance in Colorado A-Denver Roofing's White EPDM Roofing Systems Highly reflective and monolithically pleasing, A-Denver Roofing's white commercial EPDM membrane is the only white EPDM membrane with 25 years of proven [...]

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Why You Need Ice and Water Shield in Colorado

“Invisible” protection against roof leaks for your Colorado home Why use ice and water protection? A-Denver Roofing's Ice and Water Protector is used for waterproofing under shingled roofs preventing water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain [...]

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Why You Need Ridge Ventilation For Your Home

A-Denver Roofing installs industry-leading attic ventilation products to ensure a continuous flow of outside air through your attic, which helps to lower living space temperatures, protects the roof structure, and potentially helps to lower your Colorado home’s energy bills. [...]

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Why Commercial Roofing TPO Thickness Matters

Thicker is Better Selecting the Right TPO Membrane Thickness Since its inception as a commercial roofing membrane insaller, A-Denver Roofing has led the industry in TPO research, development, and technology. Today, TPO is the largest and fastest-growing [...]

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How to Protect Your Home from Colorado’s High Winds

Did you Know... Basic Wind Speeds On The Front Range Are 110 mph And Higher (see map). Yet, many “bargain-priced” contractors use shingles only warranted for 60 mph winds. Trust A-Denver Roofing to install only the highest [...]

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